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Exciting News!!

We have exciting news on the farm!

We are once again evolving on the farm to further serve our community and beyond; with that intention Moses and Lonah Momanyi are making a home for their family at 10th St!

After growing up on farms in Kenya and then immigrating to the united states they both found themselves at Big River Farms in Mn where they met, fell in love and decided to start a farm of their own.

Dawn2Dusk farm was born on rented community garden plots in Hopkins MN and has now grown into a 20 acre certified organic vegetable farm in Cambridge, MN. They then launched Kilimo Minnesota, an incubation program in 2020. Currently Kilimo is empowering over 40 emerging farmers socially and economically through mentorship, farmland access navigation and community building.

Moses and Lonah are passionate about their connection with the land and their cultural roots and are “building on the proud history of Minnesota agriculture, drawing on and preserving traditions from their countries of origin and ensuring that their children – and generations to come – will treasure and stay connected to the land that supports us all.” (cite:

With their move to 10th St. Farm & Market, they hope to utilize our current farming systems and markets to continue to feed our local customers and expand on them with their own expertise. This move also gives them the opportunity to expose these systems to emerging farmers in their incubation program, allowing many more people to share and learn from the bounty of knowledge between our farms and experiences.

10th St. Farm & Market will continue to operate as we always have, providing our community with CSA, farm stand and wholesale produce. We are confident that the addition of Moses and Lonah will allow 10th St. Farm to serve our community better, expand our offerings, and be able to mentor emerging farmers to help strengthen the local sustainable farming community.

Over the next year, Hallie and Lisa will play a mentoring role to allow Moses and Lonah time to understand this new farm and allow for a smooth transition for them and for our customers. The greens will continue to grow and the tunnels will continue to move and hopefully 10th St. Farm & Market will grow brighter and move into greatness right along with them. We are all very excited for this next step, Allowing the farm to become something more than its parts, more than its roots and be more than a single persons vision.

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