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Summer CSA | Week 3

Week 3: 6/23 - 6/26


Thursday 3pm - till Sunday Night | SELF SERVE

13197 10TH St. South. Afton, MN. 55001 | 612.770.7194

On the farm this week: As the first week of summer has arrived, we are starting to see cucumbers sizing up and cherry tomatoes turning color. The heat helps a lot of summer corps thrive while others are not as happy with it. Our main concern right now is keeping everything watered so the plants can protect themselves from extremes in temp. We are looking forward to moving onto true summer crops soon!


In Your Bag This Week

Kohlrabi: I love kohlrabi when it is small because it is less work to eat. just chop off the stems and roast or chop and sautéed the bulbous part. These have a broccoli like flavor and can be eaten raw if sliced very thin. Store in a bag in your fridge.

Head Lettuce: nice big leaves are crisp and mild, they can be used in a salad or make a great head for lettuce wraps. Store in a bag in your fridge.

Garlic Scapes: Unique to the very start of summer, garlic scales are the flowering part of a garlic plant. In order to get a decent sized garlic head, you must snap off the flower. These have a buttery garlic flavor that is great roasted or puréed as a pesto. Store in a bag in your fridge.

Flavor Mix Micros: mild and tasty, these make an easy salad on their own or can add some color to any other salad. Store in a bag in your fridge.

Farm Mix Salad Greens: mild and delicious, these greens are perfect for any salad. Store in a bag in your fridge.

Sunflower Shoots or Nasturtiums: great in salads, wraps and sandwiches. Store in your fridge.

Kale: red russian or dino, both are tender and easy to eat raw or cooked. Try tearing leaves from stems and adding permission, olive oil, lemon juice and bread crumbs for an easy salad. Store in a bag in your fridge.

Green Onions: the whole bunch is edible, just chop and add to anything for a mild onion flavor. Store in a bag in your fridge.

Sweet Peas: I really can not sudjest eating these any other way than raw out of the bag. So so good, you can eat the pod as well, just tear off the cap and the string (or zipper) that runs down the pod seam. Store in a bag in your fridge.


Roasted Kohlrabi | Serves: 4 | total time: 30 mins


  • 2-3 large kohlrabi, nubs sliced off and cut into rounds

  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, divided

  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

  • 1/2 tablespoon minced shallots

  • salt and pepper to taste

  • 1 ounce goat cheese, crumbled

  • 1-2 sprigs fresh tarragon, leaves removed and roughly chopped

  • 1 tablespoon toasted sunflower seeds (*see note)


  1. Preheat oven to 400°F and either lightly grease or line with parchment paper.

  2. Meanwhile, place a large skillet over medium-high heat on the stove top with 1 tablespoon of the olive oil.

  3. Once hot, add the sliced kohlrabi rounds to the skillet (you may have to work in batches to fit them all) and cook until golden brown on the bottom. Flip and repeat on the other side. This will take about 4-5 minutes per side.

  4. Transfer the browned kohlrabi to the prepared baking sheet and roast in the oven until tender, about 10-12 minutes.

  5. While kohlrabi roasts, make the vinaigrette by whisking together the remaining tablespoon of olive oil, lemon juice, minced shallots, salt and pepper in a small bowl.

  6. Place the roasted kohlrabi on a serving dish or platter and pour the vinaigrette over top.

  7. Finish with the crumbled goat cheese, fresh tarragon and toasted sunflower seeds before serving.


Pasta alla Gricia with Slivered Peas | Serves: 6 | Total Time: 25mins


  • Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper

  • 3 ounces guanciale or pancetta, diced or chopped

  • Extra-virgin olive oil

  • 8 ounces spaghetti, fettuccine, or tagliatelle

  • 1 pound sugar snap peas, strings pulled off, peas very thinly sliced on a sharp angle (so they're almost shredded)

  • 6 tablespoons Cacio e Pepe Butter

  • Pecorino Romano cheese, for grating


  1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil and add salt until it tastes like the sea.

  2. Put guanciale and 2 tsp. olive oil into a skillet or Dutch oven that's large enough to hold all the pasta. Cook until it's lightly crisped and most of the fat has rendered out, 9 to 12 minutes. Take skillet off the heat and spoon off fat except for about 1 tbsp.

  3. When water is boiling, add pasta and cook according to package directions until almost al dente. When pasta is almost ready, add snap peas to pasta pot.

  4. Put skillet back over medium heat to reheat guanciale gently. With a ladle or a measuring cup, scoop out about 1/2 cup of pasta cooking water. Drain pasta and snap peas and add them to skillet along with cacio e pepe butter. Toss well to incorporate, adding a few drops of pasta water in order to make a cloaking, creamy sauce. Taste and adjust with more salt or pepper, though you probably won't need any.

  5. Transfer to serving bowls and top with grated pecorino. Serve right away.


We wash everything in your bag but we wash them in bulk so some things may need an extra rinse at home. Please bring your bag back next week so we can re-use them! thanks!

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