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10th St. Farm & Market

The Farm

We are a multi-family run micro-farm using low-input techniques and structures to extend our Minnesota growing season to year round. With three movable high tunnels, succession plantings and strong crop rotations we are able to serve a thriving CSA, local co-ops and fill our on-farm stand at least 44 weeks of the year!

Lisa & Hallie (mother and daughter), started the farm in 2011 and have since built a sustainable business that focuses on feeding our local community the best local food it deserves! We appreciate all the support of our CSA members and farm fans and strive to serve them better year over year. Thank you!

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Focused on Sustainability

Building soil, protecting our ecology, and eating amazing food! These are the things we value most on our farm. We are committed to building organic matter and a strong, resilient soil food web that can in turn feed us all year round.

We utilize a compost-based fertility system, natural pest management techniques (insect netting and crop rotation) and no till practices to produce food that is not only tasty but also clean, safe and nutrient dense.

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