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Summer CSA | Week 7

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Week 7: 7/23 - 7/24


Thursday 3pm - till Sunday Night  |  SELF SERVE

13197 10TH St. South. Afton, MN. 55001 | 612.770.7194

What we're up to:

The cooler weather this week was a welcomed blessing after the high humidity and temps we have been working in. On cooler days we take advantage and put a few extra hours in; the brassicas and carrots enjoy it too. 


In Your Bag This Week

Peppers: mostly sweet peppers in your bag-these are the colorful ones. You also received either a dark green ancho pepper or 2 jalapeño peppers to add some heat to your salsa! Store on your counter if eating soon, or in your fridge.  kale: curly green or red or some dino kale in your bag-makes a great salad base or add to any dish sautéed for a nutritional boost. Store in a bag in your fridge.  Green Onion: Add some flavor to any dish by chopping these up! Eat from the white end to the green end. Store in your fridge. Cucumbers: juicy and crisp, early season cucumbers are great just eaten raw with some salt :) Store in a bag in your fridge. Basil: great in salads or drinks or with your tomatoes. Store in water on your counter. (this is on the side table, do not put in the fridge as it will turn black) Micros: Flavor Mix Micros. Eat as a salad with olive oil, salt and pepper or add to a sandwich, your breakfast eggs or pretty much anything else! Store in your fridge. Green Beans: So good you can eat them raw or cooked. steam, boil or sauté, quick sickly-you will be happy :) Store in your fridge.  Slicer Tomatoes: 2 for half shares and 3 for full, all our slicers are heirloom or heirloom hybrid types. This means they have been saved and grown for their flavor rather than for size or uniformity. Heirlooms can look a little...interesting, but don't let that turn you off-they make it up in flavor!! Store on your kitchen counter, do not put in the fridge or they loose their sweetness.  Farm Mix Salad mix: Make it a simple salad with olive oil and lemon juice or use as a base for a meal. Store in a bag in your fridge.


Crispy Fried Heirloom Tomatoes | Serves: 4 | total time: 40 mins  Ingredients 4 medium heirloom tomatoes (preferably 2 red and 2 gold, but any one color is fine) ½ teaspoon salt, plus a couple of generous pinches, divided use ¼ cup all-purpose flour 2 eggs ½ cup grated Parmesan cheese ¼ cup seasoned breadcrumbs ¼ cup Panko breadcrumbs ¼ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon Italian seasoning ¼ teaspoon paprika ¼ teaspoon garlic powder • Pinch black pepper • Peanut or vegetable oil for frying 8 ounces fresh mozzarella (ball shape), sliced into 8 slices (about ¼” thick) 24 fresh basil leaves 4 tablespoons olive oil 4 teaspoons balsamic vinegar Instructions

  • -Slice the top and bottom off of each tomato to create a flat surface; next, slice each tomato into 3, ¼”- ½” circles (you can reserve any left over tomato for other use, if desired) making a total of 12 slices of tomato; lay the 12 slices onto a paper towel and gently dab to remove excess moisture from the tomatoes, and sprinkle each side of the slices with generous pinches of salt; prepare the dredging station.

  • -Add the flour to a large plate or large bowl, and add a ¼ teaspoon of the salt; mix to combine and set aside.

  • -In another large bowl, add the eggs and whisk; set aside.

  • -In another large bowl, add the Parmesan, the remaining ¼ teaspoon of salt and all of the other remaining ingredients through the black pepper, mix well and set aside.

  • -To dredge the tomatoes, take each slice and dredge in the flour, then the egg, and finally the Parmesan breadcrumbs; place onto a clean plate to hold as you dredge each tomato slice; once all tomato slices are dredged, add enough of the peanut or vegetable oil to a large, non-stick pan to cover the bottom, or enough to shallow fry; set the pan over medium-high heat, and once the oil is very hot, work in batches by adding about half of the tomato slices (about 6) into the oil, and frying for about 1 ½ – 2 minutes per side, or until golden-brown and crispy; remove the slices from the oil and place onto paper towels to drain; sprinkle with a little extra salt while still hot, if desired; repeat the process again with the next batch; once all tomato slices are fried, allow to cool just a little bit until they can be handled.

  • To Assemble:

  • -Add one fried tomato slice to the center of each plate; next, add a slice of the fresh mozzarella on top, and then 3 fresh basil leaves over the mozzarella; repeat the process again by adding another fried tomato slice, then a slice of fresh mozzarella and 3 fresh basil leaves, finishing off with a fried tomato slice (*alternate the colors so that each person has either 2 red and 1 gold slices of tomato, or 2 gold and 1 red slices.); to finish the dish, drizzle 1 tablespoon of the olive oil onto each plate next to the tomato stacks, and 1 teaspoon of the balsamic vinegar right into the oil of each plate, creating a little dressing to dip each bite into.


Chard Green Beans with Ricotta & Lemon | Yields: 4-6 servings | total time: 15 mins 


1 1/2 pounds green beans, trimmed

2 cups whole-milk ricotta

3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for drizzling

3/4 teaspoon kosher salt, plus more

1 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest

Freshly ground black pepper

Lemon wedges (for serving)


  • Prepare a grill for medium-high heat (or heat a grill pan over medium-high). If using a grill, arrange green beans in a grill basket and place on hot grill. Cover and grill, turning once halfway through, until beans are lightly charred and crisp-tender, about 8 minutes. If using a grill pan, cook green beans directly on pan, tossing occasionally, until lightly charred, about 10 minutes.

  • Meanwhile, using an electric mixer on medium-high speed, whip ricotta, 3 Tbsp. oil, and 3/4 tsp. salt in a large bowl until smooth and fluffy, about 2 minutes.

  • Spread whipped ricotta on a serving platter and arrange charred green beans over. Drizzle with oil and sprinkle with lemon zest; season with salt and pepper. Serve with lemon wedges alongside.


We wash everything in your bag but we wash them in bulk so some things may need an extra rinse at home.

Please bring your bag back next week so we can re-use them!


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