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Winter CSA | Week 5

Jan 30 - Feb. 2

Thursday 3pm - till Sunday Night  |  SELF SERVE

13197 10TH St. South. Afton, MN. 55001 | 612.770.7194

One more week and it all turns around! Feb. 7th we get 10 hours of daylight back and everything will start to grow once again! We are currently flipping beds in our heated tunnel and watering in our unheated spinach tunnel that should start to take off again throughout feb. It may seem like winter but spring is on the horizon!!

In your bag this week:

Micro Arugula: crisp and peppery, these are great on sandwiches, as a salad or over your morning eggs! Store in your fridge.

Celery: Crunchy with a nice fresh celery flavor. Make some great winter soups and stews with this. Store in your fridge.

Spinach: Super sweet and crisp. Eat as a salad or sautee. I have been making a breakfast salad lately by just putting a fried egg over the spinach with a little goat cheese and whatever nuts I have-great start to your day! Store in your fridge for up to 3 weeks.

Farm Mix: Mild and tasty, its a great base for any salad or make it a simple side by adding olive oil, salt and pepper. Store in your fridge.

Flavor Mix Microgreens: A big bag of our classic Microgreen mix. Eat as a salad with olive oil, salt and pepper or add to a sandwich, your breakfast eggs or pretty much anything else! Store in your fridge.


Winter Salad with beets, Orange & Pomegranate | Servings: 4 | total time: 40 mins


2 medium yellow beets

1 cup cooked chickpeas

1 teaspoon olive oil

1/2 teaspoon sea salt 

4 cups spinach

1/2 cup lentil sprouts

1/2 cup hemp hearts

1 pomegranate, seeds

2 mandarins, segments

balsamic ginger vinaigrette

1/4 cup olive oil

3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

1 teaspoon orange zest

1 teaspoon fresh grated ginger*

1/2 teaspoon maple syrup or honey

Salt and pepper to taste


Preheat the oven to 200C / 400F. Cut the beets into wedges and place onto a baking sheet with the chickpeas, oil, and salt. Use your hands to mix until fully coated, then bake for 30-35 minutes, or until golden.To make the vinaigrette, add all of the ingredients to a jar or container with a tight fitting lid. Shake until combined.To assemble the salad, place the spinach into a large bowl. Add the sprouts, hemp hearts, pomegranate, and oranges, then the roasted beets and chickpeas once they're ready. Top with the dressing and serve warm. Leftovers will keep in the fridge for a day.


• To make this in advance, assemble the cold ingredients and roast the chickpeas and beets just before serving. You can also make everything ahead of time and serve it cold, I like it that way too. Just add the dressing when you're ready to serve. * Use a microplane for the ginger if you have one.


Celery Soup | Servings: 7 Cups | total time: 40 mins


2 tablespoons olive oil, or butter

1 onion, diced

4 fat garlic cloves, rough chopped

6 cups celery, sliced thin (about 1 ¼–1 ½pounds) 1 extra large head, save some leaves for garnish

2 cups potatoes, sliced into ½ inch thick rounds ( about ¾ lb –  1 extra large russet peeled, or use a few yukons, unpeeled.

4 cups veggie or chicken broth ( or 4 cups water + 1 tablespoon “Better than Bouillon” Vegetable Base)

1 cup water

1 bay leaf (optional, remove before blending)

1 teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon pepper

1/8 – 1/2 teaspoon cayenne , start conservatively


¼ cup fresh dill (small stems ok)

½ cup fresh parsley (small stems ok)

Stir in: ½ cup (or more) of sour cream, plain yogurt, vegan sour cream, heavy cream or cashew cream. (see notes)


Heat the oil in a big pot over medium high heat,  and add the onion, stirring occasionally, letting the onions get golden, about 5 minutes.While the onions are cooking, rough chop the garlic, celery and potatoes.  When the onions are golden add the garlic and stir 1-2 minutes, until fragrant.Add the celery, potatoes, broth, water, bay leaf, salt, pepper, and cayenne. The liquid should just cover the veggies. Cover, bring to a rolling boil, turn heat down and simmer gently until potatoes are tender, about 10 minutes.Turn heat off, remove bay leaf and add the fresh herbs and just wilt them (don’t cook herbs or you lose the vibrant color!)Using an immersion blender blend until very silky smooth – OR if using a regular blender, let cool before blending in smaller batches. ( If blending warm soup, fill blender no more than halfway full, cover tightly with a lid and kitchen towel, holding it down firmly, when you start the motor (on the lowest setting, working up gradually) to prevent a blender “explosion”).Blend well, a full minute, until herbs are fully blended, creating a vibrant colored soup. For extra “green” color, add a handful of raw spinach if you like, or more fresh parsley. Place it back in the same pot over low heat. Stir in your choice of sour cream, or any of the other options.***Gently heat, careful to not over simmer, or you may lose the lovely vibrant color.To make the crispy celery leaves, heat a generous amount of olive oil in a small skillet over medium heat. Wait until the oil is hot. Fry a “tester” celery leaf for 10-20 seconds on each side. Set on a paper towel. If it is crisp, continue on. Adding a few at a time, not overly crowding.  If not crisp, fry them a little longer. You want about 3-5 leaves per serving bowl. In the same oil, you could fry the nigella seeds until you just begin to hear popping. Turn heat off.  Arrange the crispy celery leaves in a crescent shape. Spoon a little of the nigella seeds along with a little oil in the same shape. Sprinkle with hemp seeds if you like.Enjoy!


We wash everything in your bag but we wash them in bulk so some things may need an extra rinse at home.

Please bring your bag back next week so we can re-use them!


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